BREAKING: FBI Finds 2 People ALIVE In Buried ‘Dungeon’ At Clinton Library

A revelation that there was some kind of bunker illegally buried on the grounds of the Clinton Library turned to horror today when the FBI dug their way into what turned out to be a buried shipping container being used to hold live prisoners.

As soon as they discovered the door, work around the area stopped as the agent in charge looked through a crude window into what used to be a tunnel and spotted two men lying on cots inside. He yelled, “We’ve got live ones!” and the area went silent.

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Once inside they wrapped the men in blankets and gave them water until an ambulance arrived. Special Agent Jon Legizimaster told 4A314 Correspondent Cynthia Luwhoe:

“They were nearly starved to death and looked like they hadn’t shaved in years. One was so close to the end he couldn’t speak and all we got out of the other was that they hadn’t seen a person in over a year. He had clawed marks on his arm to mark the days.

We’ve never seen anything quite like this. It’ll be nice to get these men to safety and identify them.”

The men were taken to Mercy General in Little Rock where they’re being kept on a secured, locked upper floor. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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