New Round Of Lynch Alias Emails PROVES There Was Someone Else On That Plane With Bill Clinton


New emails obtained by Fox News from former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s alias account, “,” show that not only was there a third person involved in whatever that secret conversation was about but that it was a major power player, especially at the time.

4A314 Correspondent Cynthia Luwhoe explains what Steve Doocy dropped the ball on:

“Lynch’s plane had top secret clearance, so it wasn’t required to file flight plans. It didn’t answer to anyone but NORAD. Through emails with her alias, investigators will show that the pilot was instructed to land running dark at Andrews to pick up ‘priority one.’

That moniker is what the Air Force gives the president whe he goes off-grid and doesn’t want the craft he’s traveling in to default to ‘Air Force One.’ It clearly demonstrates that the package was received, went along to the meeting in St. Louis and then retured ‘priority one’ to Andrews.”

Why would Obama be at a secret meeting that is now even more secret than before? That’s something everyone would love to know. Unfortunately, our government is busy in the midst of a coup against our president over some BS Russia crap nobody cares about.

This is why we need Trump to keep stirring the pot and draining the swamp.

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