BREAKING: Alec Baldwin Gets Knocked Out Cold After Insulting Trump Supporters (PHOTOS)


Washed up B-list actor and failed comedian Alec Baldwin might want to think long and hard about the way he portrays our president. Baldwin, who has been milking moronic liberals for laughs for months with his pathetic Trump impression on Saturday Night Live, was just faced with a group of Trump supporters who are sick of his crap, and let’s just say — the best man was left standing.

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Details are still developing, but we have learned that sometime in the early morning hours on Sunday, Baldwin was seen staggering down a New York City street, likely intoxicated, when he confronted three men, one who was wearing a Make America Great hat, and started yelling rude things and insults at them while they were just minding their own business.

The men tried to calm him down, but one got fed up and asked him why he won’t stop being disrespectful to President Trump. Apparently things escalated quickly and Baldwin took a drunken swing at one of the men at that point.

Big mistake.

Bystanders who saw the assault say that it just took one swift punch to send Alec to the ground for good. We have obtained these two exclusive photos from a tourist who witnessed the incident:

In these exclusive photos, it looks like Alec may have been dressed in some sort of costume, presumably from the SNL set.
It just took one punch from a real man to knock Baldwin out for the count!

As we all know, Baldwin is not exactly known as a pillar of the community. In 2007, a recording of him berating his young daughter and calling her a “pig” on a voicemail made most of us sick (as it SHOULD!) when it was made public.

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I think the moral of the story is, you’re a one-trick pony, Alec. Time to find a new act and stop being an unfunny jerk before you really get hurt!


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