Muslim Federal Judge Lets A Terrorist Monster Go Free Because He Was ‘Following His Faith’

Federal Judge Makim Hamal Abdul of the 23rd District of Massachusetts has ruled that a man who killed his wife for cheating on him can’t be punished under US law because he isn’t yet a citizen and his response was “appropriate for the situation.” Yes, a federal judge, appointed by Obama, actually said that.

Abdul, one of three appellate judges on the circuit court, took the case because it was “close to his heart.” In other words, there was no way Sharia law, which would certainly have been shot down by a Christian judge, was going to be wrong. When you have people in positions of power believing their rule has to be linked to their salvation, you end up with poor decisions.

The murderer, Alam al Bashir al Balah, is a Saudi national whose company gave millions to the Clinton campaign. His wife, Jill, was found in a hotel room with another man when al Bashir al Balah kicked the door in and emptied 17 rounds into his chest and head. He then reloaded and murdered his wife as well, all while his two children waited in the car.

His release and the dismissal of the charges means that even if the precedent is overruled, this terrorist won’t ever be able to be charged with his crimes. Sometimes our own constitution works in favor of the criminals.

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