BREAKING: Massive Search Underway For Hillary Clinton’s Missing Plane

Officials in four states are joining the FBI and the National Guard to form a search party for a plane that went off of radar somewhere over the Androscoggin State Forest in upstate New York. The plane was carrying 26 passengers, including Hillary Clinton and her aide, Huma Abedin, to the Westchester Municipal Airport in Chappaqua.

The plane disappeared just as it entered the airspace over the forest, which has no cell reception or infrastructure other than a single ranger station to monitor activity from the prison in Fishkill. The pilot had recently requested a drop below normal altitudes because of a drop in cabin pressure.

Authorities say the plane’s transponder had never been switched on, which is common in small private charters where anonymity is key. Clinton and Abedin are listed on the manifest as “Persons one and two.”

Why all the secrecy? It probably has something to do with someone she had killed. Doesn’t it always? More than 5000 men and women are currently in the forest looking for a crash site and several helicopters and search planes have been buzzing overhead for hours.

Hopefully, they find the plane intact with almost everyone on board unharmed.


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