BREAKING: Democrat Governor Appoints Muslim Cleric To Replace Dead US Rep

This shouldn't be allowed in America!

Governor Alan Michaels of Vermont has done the unthinkable. WhenUS Representative Gary MacLellan of Vermont’s 14th Congressional District died last week, it was his job to serve the voters of his state. He was supposed to appoint someone to replace MacLellan who would act and vote in the best interests of his constituents.

Instead, Michaels appointed Malik Salam al Salami, a Muslim Cleric who once ran for the office campaigning for the administration of Sharia Law in the United States. Al Salami, an immigrant who gained American citizenship through marriage, says he has an obligation to see to it that the Muslim community in Vermont is represented:

“The fact is that there are thousands of people in this state who need their faith and their laws to be recognized at the federal level. A man can’t truly enjoy his marriage if he is concerned that his wife won’t be properly disciplined for disobeying him.”

Those sentiments, says Governor Michaels, are exactly why he appointed al Salami:

“We may not agree with the way a woman is perceived by other cultures and faiths outside of Christianity, but that doesn’t mean we should apply our laws to their marriages. Vermont and the USA are diverse places that need diverse laws.”

The governor is essentially saying that we need to let Muslims beat and kill their wives for coming to America and finding something better. A coalition of Patriots is challenging the appointment in federal court.

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