A Casket Was Just Delivered To The Clinton Compound

The Batesville Woodworking Company in Westchester, New York has delivered a custom made casket to the Clinton residence in Chappaqua yesterday. Paparazzi staking out the rear entrance to the compound grabbed the picture before being arrested and beaten by a private Clinton security force.

The security team took the two men into illegal custody, searched them, roughed them up and smashed their phones and cameras. One of the men was able to recover the image from his broken phone but none of the others.

Hillary Clinton herself came out and greeted the driver, signed for the casket and held the door open while he pushed it inside. So far there have been no reports of 911 calls or any other emergency activity at the home.

Some are beginning to speculate that Bill died in his sleep — or Hillary finally killed him — and they want it kept as quiet as possible. A private casket delivery means he could be pronounced dead and sealed before anyone could order an autopsy.

At his age, it wouldn’t matter anyway, but it would be nice to see Hillary go down for killing her own husband. Alas, it’s Hillary Clinton we’re talking about. She’ll manage to get away with it.

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