BREAKING: Alex Jones Found Dead In His Dressing Room

Alex Jones, who some call crazy and some call spot on, was found dead in his dressing room just moments after he was supposed to start recording tonight’s show. Authorities don’t have a cause of death yet, but they haven’t ruled out suicide or foul play.

Jones is most famous for the Comet Pizza incident, where he gave information about the location of a pedophile ring that wasn’t fully vetted, resulting in a man showing up like a true patriot to shut it down. The location was misinformation fed to Jones, probably by the globalists who run the actual ring.

Jones was in the middle of a harsh custody battle where his wife forced him to either lie and say he was just an actor playing a part or lose his children. Jones is known to be “true to himself and a passionate man,” according to his assistant. She has vowed to get justice for Alex, as she is convinced he was murdered:

“Alex was a muscle machine. He was in great shape. There’s no way he would kill himself so that just leaves murder. The only question is how high up does it go and how much does he know.”

Investigators hope to have more answers by morning. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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