‘Montana Madame’ Releases List Of 11 Democrats She ‘Services’

A woman in Montana famous for running a legal brothel is coming forward with the names of eleven prominent Democrats she says receive her “full-service package” at Madame Melissa’s House of Homestyle Love. She says she only provides that service to members of Congress and has no Republican customers whatsoever.

The package includes limo service from the US Capitol to Reagan National where a private jet takes you to her 700-acre property in Southwest Montana. The property has its own airstrip and a shuttle directly to the house. Once there, the gentleman “relaxes among consenting adults.”

The adults are women who are paid a consulting fee to meet with men to discuss their love lives. Madame Melissa says she provides a floor of private rooms with sofas, beds, jacuzzis and other comforts to help people relax after making a connection.

Basically, she’s a pimp and her consultants are prostitutes. Eleven US Congressman, all Democrats, pay more than $100K a year each for a membership that allows for three overnight visits per month.

Madame Melissa says she will release the list, via Twitter, as soon as her book hits shelves, which is scheduled for midnight tonight. That means by tomorrow morning, 11 Demokkkrats will be resigning from Congress in disgrace.

We’ll update this story with the list as soon as it is made public.

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