11 Dems On ‘Montana Madame’ Customer List Forced To Resign

The Democrat party was just delivered a crushing blow as one governor, three state senators and seven members of Congress, all from the Democrat caucus, were forced to resign. The news came after “Montana Madame” Mellissa McGillicuddy cut a deal with federal prosecutors to keep herself out of jail.

Madame M’s customers enjoyed a luxury service that included limo service to the nearest private airstrip where a Gulfstream would fly them to her 700 acres in Montana. After landing in her yard, they were treated to a night of “consensual adult activities.” The $10K price tag was supposedly for the room.

After one of Madame M’s girls testified that she was paid specifically to have sex, the whole thing blew wide open and now the Democrat house of cards is falling fast. It’s a development that House Minority leader Nacy Pelosi called “sickening.”

Governor Warren Glostner of Minnesota joins Missouri State Senators Justin Bagwell and Michael Marks along with State Senator Nick Mason of Nebraska as those resigning positions at the state level. In The House, Dems lost Rep Ishmail Malik, who is a Muslim from Dearborn, Rep Michael Schofield of Link, Illinois, Rep Marty Killington of Vermont and Rep Mindy Hartman, a lesbian, from Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Three US Senators also ended their careers. Hal Lindsay, Sherman Wallace and David Contigliaro are officially done. They are all from heavy Democratic states like New York and Massachusetts, so their seats will probably stay on the side of evil.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.


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