President Trump Fires All 14 Muslim Federal Judges

Barack Obama managed to pack the federal judiciary with bleeding heart liberals, professional lobbyists for climate change and other science-fiction scams and 15 Moslems, none of whom were born in this country. President Trump had no choice but to fire one of them last month when he ruled that Sharia Law was OK if the defendant is Moslem and reasonably expected to follow his faith or face eternity in hell.

You can force a Christian to pay for birth control for indigents and gutter rats but you can’t ask a Moslem not to beat his wife? Sounds about right.

Today, President Trump very quietly ended the tenure of the Moslem 14 — as they have named their little group of Allah worshippers — with an executive order eliminating their benches altogether. White House Propaganda Director Emmanuel Goldstein told Fox News:

“President Trump doesn’t have the authority to remove a federal judge appointed and confirmed by the Senate, but he does have the authority to determine the number of benches in the judiciary per the Evacuation Clause. He reduced that number today by 14.”

Brilliant. That’s why we voted for President trump and why we’ll vote for him again. He’s waaaaaaay smarter than we are. We’ll keep you updated on the fate of these Moslems.

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