BREAKING: Feds Raid The REAL Comet Pizza Pedophile Club, Arrest 4 Monsters

Federal agents from the FBI, Homeland Security and the Us Marshals swarmed a small marina in Port Weatherly, North Dakota, the real home of the Soros funded pedophile club that has come to be known as “Comet Pizza.”

The club that was shut down is world-famous on the darknet and in pedophilia circles as the place where high-powered men go to rent or buy the “best quality children on earth.” If you’re outraged by that…you should be.

Authorities made four arrests, three workers and one client — a State Senator from South Dakota — and took more than a dozen children into protective custody. Agent Mark Michaels of the FBI told 4A314 Correspondent Cynthia Luwhoe:

“These kids were between 6 and 12 years old. They were from all across the globe. One of thew pamphlets we seized from inside the marina said that ‘variety is the spice of life.’

We also seized customer records. As we speak there are hundreds of warrants being issued and visas been pulled. More than 200 foreign ‘dignitaries’ have had their diplom,atic immunity revoked and George Soros, who we know is behind this, will be lucky if he isn’t stripped of his flimsy citizenship and deported back to Hangaria.”

In the end, the agents were glad that the operation was shut down. They managed to track and seize the ships that were bringing the kids to North Dakota on Lake Huron from Canada and records seized led to the confiscation of millions in cash accounts and luxury boats and vehicles.

And to think…this all went on right under Obama’s nose. Maybe his name is on the list, too.

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