John McCain Blames Navy Accident On Trump: ‘He Broke My Boat’

Senator John McCain, traitor from Arizona and friend to Obamacare, lashed out today when he heard that the USS John McCain had struck a Chinese freighter, causing millions of dollars in damage and possibly killing a dozen seamen:

“The clown must be impeached. He put an idiot from one of his yacht clubs in command of my boat. The man is being called sir on a naval vessel and the only experience he has is chaperoning rich assholes to the Bahamas on yachts the average sailor could handle with a remote control from a helicopter.

He’s an idiot. Plain and simple.”

McCain followed the statement with a Tweet that president trump has yet to respond to:

John McCain needs to learn a little respect before the brain cancer God gave him takes him. He may have fought in a war and all that, but he turned his back on America and for that, he deserves whatever he gets.

President Trump hasn’t responded yet but as soon as he does we’ll update the story. He’s sure to get a nice little kick out of a senator on his way out who wouldn’t get re-elected even if he wasn’t dying having a little tantrum over our President making America great again.

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