Muslim Mayor Outlaws Christmas 2017 Within City Limits

The Muslim Mayor of Blairsville, a small suburb of Dearborn, Michigan, has declared by executive action that Christmas decorations, music or festivities of any kind in view of the public is “offensive to the majority of residents and therefore forbidden.”

The town, with a population of nearly 120K people, is 52 percent Muslim as of the 2010 census and probably slightly higher since. The remaining residents are 3rd and 4th generation American families who have been living on family land or settling the area in general for 250 years, but their rights don’t matter:

“According to the order, religious symbolism in view of the public is considered offensive. That includes Muslim and Jewish symbols. You won’t find them anywhere either.”

Oh, wonderful. Do those religions have a tradition that puts people in a festive spirit? Those people shouldn’t be able to display their love for a season, whether for religious reasons or not, because Muslims are boring and have no reason to spread joy?

It’s not like they could decorate their caves in Sudan or Morocco or wherever they’re from.

The Christian residents of the town have filed a petition in federal court for an injunction until the constitutionality of the order can be ruled on. So far, no luck. Judge Earl Raymond James said, without officially ruling, that “the sovereignty of local government is fundamental to our democracy.”

Yeah. Tell that to thousands of plastic Santas who won’t have any place to shine this Christmas.

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