BREAKING: Hurricane Irma Just Wiped Out Obama’s $4 Million Beach House


Things aren’t going so great for former President Barack Obama. Not only is President Trump undoing all of his tyrannical policies one by one, but a hurricane just “undid” his Florida vacation home.

The $4.1 million beachside mini-mansion was an annual vacation destination for the Obama family, but now it is rubble thanks to gale-force winds in the Florida Keys.

“The Obamas are saddened by this loss, but are more saddened that people who do not have the means to support themselves will be suffering far more traumatic losses,” Obama spokeswoman Valerie Jaden-Smith said Thursday.  “The President and First Lady’s hearts and prayers are with the victims of this storm.”

Not to worry, the king is OK – his palace is completely covered by insurance, so it will be rebuilt by this time next year.

The storm crashed through the area Thursday evening, wreaking havoc on everything in its path. Obama’s pretend sadness at the plight of others is a joke. He spent eight years treating the average American like trash.

Save your pronouncements, Obama. We’re sick of them – especially when you can’t be bothered to say anything yourself.

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