Hotel Owned By Black Lives Matter Member TRIPLES Rates As Irma Hits


Many people are responding to Florida Governor Rick Scott’s call for evacuation, and while there are almost certainly some wonderful stories of blacks doing great things to help the victims, this is not one of them.

Maurice Brownston owns the La Ardilla Pedo Hotel in Peachton, Georgia – a hotel conveniently positioned to provide shelter to people fleeing the hurricane. Brownston says that any and all victims of the hurricane will be welcome to stay at his hotel for the low low price of a minimum of $700 a night for a single room with a twin bed. Higher-end rooms can reach into the thousands per night.

“I get that these people are in trouble, and I’m willing to even bump regular travelers from the register to give them a place to stay but I don’t see why I’m not allowed to make money,” Brownston told the Peachton Hazings-Gazette Times Saturday. “Anyone who stays here can stay as long as they need and I’ll even let them pay in installments if need be.”

Asked whether he is taking advantage of the victims, Brownston explained that he loves America because capitalism provides numerous opportunities “to bring home the bacon.”

“The fact is that right now there is a high demand for accommodations, and I am meeting that demand,” Brownston continued. “I feel for these people, but the market value isn’t based on my feelings.”

Brownston, a minister at the Martin Luther King Memorial Presbyterian Church, says that his doors are open to those in need. The church, he says, has three rooms available to people who absolutely cannot afford his rates.

Brownston is a pivotal figure at Black Lives Matter “protests” in his area. Apparently, the lives of all the blacks coming up from Florida don’t matter too much to him.

UPDATE: We got ahold of the hotel’s phone number if you want to tell him to do the right thing. (330) 366-6476

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