BREAKING: Clinton Allies Caught Scamming Hurricane Victims Out Of Money


Roger Thornton, Hillary Clinton’s former Chief-of-Staff, is in hot water after he was caught running a disgusting multimillion dollar phone scam aimed at victims of hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

Using his connections at the Red Cross, Thornton obtained contact information and personal details of more than 45,000 people who lost everything in the recent disasters. Then he started calling them.

With the help of accomplice former Clinton adviser Roxanne Meadows, Thornton posed as the insurance company that would be paying the damages in thousands of people’s homes – allegedly part of Donald Trump’s recovery program. All they needed to do was pay a $500 deductible on the costs.

Many people, desperate for help, paid the phony deductible. The only thing about all of this that was real was the charges to their bank accounts. The money was run through some flimsy and hastily set up shell companies and ultimately deposited into Thornton’s wife’s Chase bank account in Toledo, Ohio according to the FBI.

The investigation was conducted swiftly under the Trump administration’s initiative to stamp out scams related to the recent acts of God. Thornton has been charged with more than 400 counts of fraud with more on the way as well as numerous other felonies. Meadows also has more than 200 charges pending.

This may surprise you or it may not, but both Meadows and Thornton worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

This is what the Democrat Party wants for America. Imagine if their boss had gotten elected.

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