BREAKING: Malia Obama Seen Walking Out Of Texas Abortion Clinic


Looks like Barack Obama’s little girl isn’t so little anymore in the sense that she’s perfectly willing to murder a baby to make her life easier.

The eldest Obama daughter was spotted leaving a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Langford, Texas, apparently attempting to use the devastation of Hurricane Harvey to hide the fact that she hasn’t even completed her first semester of school at Harvard and she’s already gotten herself knocked up.

The Obama family claim to be Christians, but the Bible is very clear that abortion is absolutely not OK. Malia’s decision to murder her baby just to make her life easier only confirms what we all already knew: she is trash just like the rest of her family.

A pro-life protester managed to snap this photo of Malia as she left the clinic:

When she saw someone photographing her, she began yelling that she’s “not a zoo animal” and that no one should be able to take her picture according to witnesses.

But zoo animals kill their babys like she just did. If the shoe fits, Malia…

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