BREAKING: Recording Of Hillary Admitting To Vince Foster’s Murder Sells For $6 Million

A man calling himself “Art Trubolls” has just made himself $6 million dollars for an authenticated recording of Hillary Clinton admitting to a friend that she had Vince Foster murdered. The recording, obtained from a convenient firewall breach at the NSA, was auctioned off on the Darknet to a pool of 11 private bidders.

Trubolls released a statement in anticipation of the news:

“Yes, it’s true. The recording of Mrs. Clinton was made in 1997 on the floor of the United States Senate, of all places. She clearly states that she knows how to ‘get things done’ and that she ‘enjoyed the pictures of Vince’s brains’ given to her by her assassin.

The recording was authenticated by Dr. Wang Li Chung, one of the foremost experts in the field.”

Trubolls estimates that the buyer, who he said has remained anonymous, will have possession of the recording by the end of the day and that what he or she does with it is “up to them.”

There has been no word from Hillary Clinton, who is busy running around the country crying that she lost and because President Trump an unqualified racist.

At some point, these snowflakes will need to learn that America belongs to us now.


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