UPDATE: Obama Butler Dies In Hospital Under ‘Suspicious Circumstances’


It’s too late. Days after meeting with the FBI to provide them with information seemingly about Barack Hussein Obama, the former wannabe dictator’s butler is dead.

Marquis Blackman worked for Obama from the day he bought his D.C. mansion, but quit his well-paying job abruptly last month. On Monday, he was seen walking both in and out of the Bureau’s headquarters in Virginia. The next day, he ended up in the hospital with “severe injuries to his neck and abdomen, broken kneecaps, and a broken jaw,” according to D.C. police. He was reportedly found “unresponsive outside his home” shortly after telling his brother that he saw a black van following him.

On Wednesday, Blackman was showing signs of improvement in the morning, but “abruptly stopped breathing” mid-afternoon. Doctors did their best but were unable to save him.

It’s unclear what information Blackman gave the FBI, but it is a certainty that it was damaging enough for the Obama’s to want to eliminate a witness.

The FBI has refused comment on this, citing an “ongoing investigation into the death.” They are treating Blackman’s untimely demise as suspicious and “possibly homicide.”

What dark secrets did Obama’s former manservant know? Did Obama directly order his death or was it one of his associates? Hopefully, the FBI will provide the American people with more information soon.

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