BREAKING: Fox News Announces New ‘Trump Friendly’ News Director

Fox News Chairman and CEO, Rupert Murdoch, says the network will undergo changes to make the atmosphere more “Trump friendly” in the newsroom. The first order of business was promoting a new News Director from within. Fox Spokesman Art Trubolls explains:

“We’ve decided that allowing our own anchors to decide the polkicy positions of this network by the hour of their timeslot is unfair to both President Trump and the country. We should be providing a united front and presenting all of the positive aspects of our President’s terms in office from an unbiased, conservative position.

To help facilitate that, the Board of Directors has decided to promote Sean Hannity to the role of News Director. Mr. Hannity will be responsible for shaping the message and coordinating with the White House OIP. He will also continue broadcasting his show at its regular time.”

The news is good for Fox Viewers, who have grown tired of seeing their beloved network — the only one that tells the truth no matter what — sink into the pit of liberalism with people like Megyn Kelly and Shep Smith allowed to just say whatever they want. After we lost Bill O’Reilly and Eric Bolling there was little left.

Now the network is moving back into the right direction. We don’t want to hear about Russia or what Chelsea Clinton is doing or why thugs deserve to burn their own cities. We want to focus on what matters: Stopping illegals and Islam. Supporting President Trump. When will we finally get answers about Benghazi and Whitewater? When will we get justice for Vince Foster, Seth Rich and the dozens — if not hundreds — of Hillary Clinton’s victims?

Finally, we can back to normal.


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