Hannity’s First Act As Fox News Director: ‘Fire That Useless Trump-Hater’

Sean Hannity, after the surprise announcement that he’s the choice for News Director at Fox, has done what we’ve all wanted him to do for a long time: Fire Shep Smith.

Aside from coming out in support of gay marriage because he is himself gay, Smith has repeatedly called our President disgusting names like “liar” and even gone so far as to accuse him of possible wrong-doing in the “Russia” probe. Everyone knows there is no Russia probe, Shep…it’s all to cover for Hillary Clinton.

Hannity, in his first statement as News Director, said:

“The number-one rule at Fox News will be to support the President of the United States at all costs. We will not follow the lies of the liberal media. We will tell the truth.

To help facilitate that, I am firing that useless Trump hater, Shep Smith, effective immediately.”

Fox will pay the remainder of Smith’s contract and release him from his competition clauses. Smith’s PR agent has already announced that Smith was planning on leaving the network at the end of his contract to join MSNBC.

At least there he’d be where he belongs: among the liberals. With Smith and Megyn Kelly both gone, Fox News should be back to itself in no time.



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