BREAKING: Liberal Who Assaulted Bill O’Reilly Arrested (DETAILS)


On Saturday, we received the sad news that popular conservative news figure Bill O’Reilly was in critical condition after he was assaulted by an unknown black man as he attempted to cover the “Mother of all Rallies” in Washington  D.C.

O’Reilly spent the day slipping out of consciousness and ultimately staying “out” while the folks on free speech app Gab spent their day figuring out who attacked Mr. O’Reilly.

Without photos or video to help, patriots like yourselves had their work cut out for them but eventually they found the smoking gun: a Facebook post by a man named Darquis Spearman.

Spearman, whose Facebook wall is flooded with Black Lives Matter posts, admits that he “fucked [O’Reilly] up at “that Nazi thing,” adding that “I don’t think his face gonna be fit for TV anytime soon.”

His biggest mistake was making the post public on the largest social media network in the world. Thousands of Americans called in tips to the D.C. Metro Police and Spearman found himself in handcuffs early Sunday morning.

Spearman has been charged with attempted murder as O’Reilly’s condition continues to deteriorate.

As of now, there is no update to O’Reilly’s condition, though. He remains “critical” at Mt. St. Hope Hospital.


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