Radical Pagans WORSE Than Muslims Have Been Living Right Under Our Noses For 6 Years

According to the head of the NSA, a society of pagans vowing to “destroy the world for the gods of Kali-San-Tata,” have been organizing inside the United States for as long as six years. This is no ordinary group of extremists, either.

INTERPOL has all known affiliates of KST listed as “the most violent extremist group in the world,” followed closely by Radical Islam and Black Lives Matter/The Black Panthers. They have no regard for human life, including their own, because they believe that when you die in this world, you are transported to the moment before your death to take a different path that leads to another reality.

In other words, they believe that no matter what they do, they will be rewarded with immortality as long as they stay in the good favor of the gods. To stay in their good favor, a pagan only needs to accomplish one task: Murder an innocent soul. Every soul they take gives them more power.

The NSA says KST has set up shop in as many as 11 states in America, using years of training in camps buried deep in the South American Andies and funding from sources that allegedly include the Rockefellers, George Soros, The Gettys and the Rothschilds. Some experts are even calling this the “endgame of the Illuminati.”

The Trump administration is urging citizens to remain vigilant. These people are responsible for the bulk of “lone-wolf” gunman scenarios across the country, keeping under the radar by posing as a jealous wife or deranged boyfriend. They recruit using sex, drugs and money. They make al Qaeda look like amateurs.

Stay safe, America. More on this major story as it develops.


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