URGENT: Jewish Bakery Refuses To Make ‘I Love Jesus’ Cake Because ‘He’s A Fraud’

This is despicable!

Christians are told they are wrong when they refuse to bake cakes that go contrary to their beliefs. In recent years, numerous faithful servants of God have been driven to financial ruin when a liberal lesbian or gay complains that they are “persecuted” because a business would not provide a product they normally do not offer. But what happens when a Christian asks for a cake that says the apparently highly offensive phrase “I love Jesus?”

MaryAnn Monroe and her husband William learned the answer to that question when they went to the Crazy Shiksa Bakery in Monroe, Montana to have a cake made for an upcoming church event.

“I went to place my order on Wednesday and the woman behind the counter asked what I wanted the cake to say? I told her ‘I love Jesus’ and she just stared at me deadpan and said ‘I can’t do that,” MaryAnn told the Monroe Gazette Sunday.

“I said ‘Excuse me?’ What do you mean you can’t do that?” she continued. Monroe says that the employee explained to her that Jesus was not actually the son of God and that making that cake would go against her religious beliefs. Things only got worse when she asked to speak to the owner.

“The owner, Aharon Silverberg is his name, came out and told me that she was right that they won’t make Christian cakes because ‘the whole Jesus thing is a lie.'” He explained to me that Jesus is “a fraud” who lied about being God’s son.

“I was livid,” William says. “I can’t believe that anyone would do this sort of thing.”

Eventually, the Monroes thought they convinced Silverberg to make the cake because they were short on time and now out of options but when they stopped by to pick it up before church, this is what they were handed:

How dare these bakers mock Jesus like this! The Monroes walked out without paying, of course.

The Monroes are considering filing a lawsuit and have contacted the ACLU. They have not, of course, heard back.

If you want the Crazy Shiksa to do the right thing and bake a proper cake for anyone regardless of their religion, the Monroes ask you to call them at (330) 366-6476 and make your voices heard. We can not allow Christians to be persecuted like this!

Jack Patriot
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