UPDATE: Cleveland Browns Forced To Issue Refunds To 90% Of Season Ticket Holders


NFL teams have been issuing quite a lot of refunds to season ticket holders after players declared war on Donald Trump for correctly pointing out that they should respect the country that allows them to make millions of dollars throwing, kicking, and holding a football, but no team has been hit harder than the Cleveland Browns.

Fox News reported last night that former fans are angrily calling every single team and demanding that they be given their money back for their season tickets – purchases made in good faith – after the NFL betrayed them by siding with whiny “athletes” who think that it’s OK to kneel during the National Anthem and disrespect our country and flag.

The Dallas Cowboys have refunded money for 65% of season tickets. The Pittsburgh Steelers have given fans money back for 53% of season tickets. But the hardest hit have been the Cleveland Browns, who recently entertained the idea of signing Colin Kaepernick who started this fiasco by kneeling in support of thugs who attack police.

The Browns have given a whopping 90% of season ticket holders their money back according to Fox.

This is what we need  to do! Hit them in their pocketbooks so they actually hear the message! It’s the only language they understand.

Captain Buck Atlantis
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