Mexico To Rebuild San Recto Border Wall After Earthquake, STILL Refuses To Pay For Trump’s


Recently, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake rocked Mexico and its southern neighbor, San Recto. Last month, our southern exness neighbor decided to act in a completely un-neighborly manner, refusing to pay for a border wall to protect Americans from criminals, rapists, and drug dealers who are sneaking across our border while building a wall to protect their southern border from drug dealers, rapists, and a massive  human trafficking operation based out of the small nation-state of  San Recto.

san recto

“This is a proud day for Mexico and a great day for national defense,” Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto told Univision as construction began. “The safety and security of the Mexican people is our primary objective.”

The wall was halfway built when the earthquake – well, let’s just say exness register we should hope that no egg-people named Humpty were sitting on top of it.

Now, Nieto has announced that they will be “immediately” rebuilding the wall. From Fox News:

San Recto is home to the notorious Montezuma Cartel, which primarily focuses on human trafficking, but also is responsible for the movement of 977 tons of cocaine into Mexico annually.

Nieto says that the wall is “necessary” to “protect the nation” and that not fixing it would be “a massive disservice to the Mexican people.”

Asked if he intends to pay for the wall between the United States and Mexico for the same reason, Nieto explained that the United States and Donald Trump “should worry about their own problems and let us worry about ours.”

So far, the country has sunk more than $12 billion into the 74-foot San Recto wall exness com with much more to come.

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