TRAITOR! Tim Tebow Takes A Knee During National Anthem


We supported Tim Tebow back when the NFL actually had a problem with players kneeling (to praise God), but in an effort to appease the PC liberal Nazis now that football players are kneeling to show their hatred for police and America, Tebow has turned his back on Christians and conservatives and sided with PC culture.

During batting practice Monday, the St. Lucie Mets observed their tradition of playing the National Anthem to kick things off and get in the spirit. Every single one of the players stood to face the flag except for Tebow according to stadium staff.

“He told his teammates ‘I’m sorry but I gotta do what’s right,'” a member of security staff told local sports blog The New York Minute. “He says he took a knee to support all the people Donald Trump is attacking for doing the same.”

According to the security guard, the statement was not popular with his teammates, all of whom love their country.

Tim Tebow is a traitor! As someone who is from New York, this is a disgrace! The Mets should cut his America-hating ass immediately so he can go protest with his antifa buddies.


Captain Buck Atlantis
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