BREAKING: Jerry Jones And The Cowboys Lose Their Biggest Contract For Their Disrespect

The Dallas Cowboys, led by owner and traitor to those to whom he owes his freedom, Jerry Jones, lost the title of “America’s Team” along with the respect of millions of fans when they took ma knee to side with thuggery before the National Anthem last night. That decision, to play both sides and continue the divisiveness of Barack Obama, has now cost them dearly.

Nike, the largest athletic company and number one sponsor of professional sports in the world, has canceled all dealings with the Dallas Cowboys. Company CEO Isaac P. Freely told Fox Sports:

“To come out on the field and kneel to thugs and criminals just before saluting the flag was a reprehensible move our company won’t easily forgive. The Dallas Cowboys are no longer licensed to wear, display or sell merchandise with the Nike name or logo on it.”

Owner Jerry Jones says he will fight the move, stating that he was showing his players that he was with them but still managed to see that every one of them stood for the National Anthem.

Sorry, Jerry, but it isn’t about the National Anthem anymore, it’s about respect. Those people should just take their “protests” to places where they’re welcome.

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