BREAKING: 4 Miami Dolphins Hit With $1.5m Fines After Kneeling In Protest Of Anthem

GOOD! Make their wallets bleed!

The Miami Dolphins created an international embarrassment for the NFL when they flagrantly violated league rules during a game against the New Orleans Saints in London, England on Sunday.

While they stood for the UK’s national anthem, “God Save the Queen,” black players Kenny Stills, Julius Thomas and Michael Thomas, And Richard Rollers all disgracefully took a knee despite warnings from the National Football League that such actions would be punished in the future.

All of the New Orleans Saints stood for the Anthem, showing proper respect for their country.

This is the second straight week in which Stills and Julius Thomas knelt for the National Anthem. They were joined by the other Thomas and Rollers this weekend.

Earlier this week, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told teams that “enough is enough” and that players will need to “find some other way to protest that isn’t an attack on those who have bravely fought and died for our great nation” – a huge departure from his prior stance that seems to be influenced by the massive number of fans burning their merchandise and demanding refunds for their season tickets.

The protests are aimed at our police force and our President, both for doing their jobs.

It’s good to see the NFL caving to President Trump’s demands for patriotism. It should be illegal to disrespect the flag as they are doing.

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