BREAKING: 49ers Suspend Players Who Knelt For Anthem And Made Mike Pence Leave


The San Fransisco 49ers learned a hard lesson when they foced Vice President Mike Pence to walk out of a Colts game Sunday. Pence had decided to go see his home team play but the day was ruined when black players on the visiting team showed disrespect for our flag, our police, our military, and our anthem by kneeling.

So the Vice President left and left a scathing remark on this disrespect via Twitter:

Colts players, knowing the Vice President was in the audience, showed proper respect for the flag but the 49ers learned a lesson in humiliation after the VP’s condemnation.

After the Vice President’s statement, 49ers owner Jed York came out and said that his team will “no longer be sitting or kneeling during the anthem.”

“This has gone far enough,” York said in an interview with Fox News. “I am personally embarrassed that my team made the Vice President feel so uncomfortable that he was forced to leave.”

“From this day forward, every player will stand or they will be suspended,” York says. “We have suspended the four players who kneeled during the anthem today.”

This is good news for Americans who enjoy football but don’t like people who hate our country.

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