MAJOR Venue Tells Eminem To ‘Get Lost’ After Anti-Trump Rant


White “rapper” Eminem, Marshall Mathers, Slim Shady, or whatever this product of incest calls himself these days, released a “freestyle” – a rap term for whenever someone babbles incoherently with something resembling a beat completely absent – where he focuses on Donald Trump.

The rap includes lines like “Racism’s the only thing he’s Fantastic 4/Cause that’s how he gets his rock off and he’s orange” and The rest of America stand up/We love our military and we love our country but we f*cking hate Trump.” He also call the President “Donald the b*tch” because liberals don’t believe in using disparaging terms for women.

The song was retweeted by anti-American football player Colin Kaepernick, who wrote “I appreciate you @Eminem.”

LeBron James, a convicted wife-beater, also shared his thoughts:

Rapper T-Pain, best known for his use of auto-tune technology because he can’t even “rap” without sounding terrible, thinks President Trump is going to kill Eminem for failing to out-rap most babies who are learning to talk:

If you think this is a stupid attack on a great man, you’re not alone. Eminem was scheduled to perform at The Malden Center in Cambridge, Massachussetts on Thursday, but the venue announced that they would be canceling the show and refunding the tickets.

“Artists who perform at the Malden Center may not always be the best society has to offer, but we draw the line at attacks on the President of the United States no matter which party he’s from,” a spokeswoman for the Center told local newspaper Publick Occurrences. “We regret that we can not allow Eminem to perform here and sincerely apologize to fans who are disappointed by this decision.”

“Eminem can get lost,” the spokeswoman.

The Malden Center is refunding all ticket costs and giving those affected by the cancellation 30% off their next ticket purchase for one of their shows.

Let this be a lesson to liberals who attack Trump: there is a price, and that price is high.

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