BREAKING: 600K Patriots Sign Up for Trump’s New Political Party In Under Five Minutes

After news leaked that Trump and his team were planning a new political party for the 2020 election, the White House decided to move its beta test up by an entire year. Private invitations were sent via email to the top 600K campaign donors from 2016 to sign up this afternoon at 1 PM eastern.

When noon hit and the site opened, it took less than five minutes to reach the 600K goal and there were emails from another 4.6 million people asking how they could sign up.

From one beta test.

America is ready to be done with the Republicans and the Democrats. It’s time we stopped allowing professional politicians to get fat on our dime while accomplishing nothing in our interests. It’s time we rely on those among us who we know and trust. Our athletes, proud service members and intelligent celebrities like Donald Trump, Stacy Dash and Scott Baio.

No, they may not know how to negotiate with lobbyists, but they sure do know how to tell lobbyists to get lost. America needs a new party for Americans. Republicans have gotten greedy and Democrats are drunk with power. Let’s move forward with a new party. The American Party.

We’ll keep you updated as to when the American Party will officially open for registrations for state primaries and general elections.

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